Apple unveils its new iPad Air and iPad Pro ✏️

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On May 7, Apple held a conference at which no fewer than 4 new iPads were presented. The iPad Air and iPad Pro now have new iterations.

The iPad Air is now available in 2 sizes 😍

The last time Apple presented an iPad Air was in 2022. After a year without news for this product, the company is back with not one, but two new iPad Airs. In fact, the new iPad Air now comes in 2 sizes: 11″ and 13″.

Source : Apple

Visually, these two new iPad Air models differ very little from their predecessor. Nevertheless, Apple has made a few adjustments to make them more practical. For example, the camera and speakers have been repositioned for better horizontal use. Inside, we find the M2 chip, which powered the previous iPad Pros, and makes these new iPad Air 50% faster than their predecessor.

Source : Apple

The new iPad Air is available in 4 colors: Sidereal Gray, Blue, Mauve and Starlight. You can order them today from €719 for the 11-inch version, and €969 for the 13-inch version.

The new, ultra-thin iPad Pro 🪶

In addition to the new iPad Air, Apple has also unveiled two new iPad Pros. For this new iteration, Apple hasn’t done anything by halves. The first thing that stands out is how thin they are. We’re talking 5.3 mm for the 11″ model, 5.1 mm for the 13″ model. That’s just enough to accommodate the USB-C port. The 13-inch iPad Pro thus becomes the thinnest Apple product ever created.

In addition to a new, very slim body, these new iPad Pros feature a new OLED display, made up of 2 OLED screens, named Tandem OLED (Apple likes to give names). The fusion of 2 OLED screens gives the iPad the deep blacks characteristic of a classic OLED screen, while retaining the excellent brightness present on previous models. All these display technologies, coupled with excellent resolution and refresh rate, give rise to what Apple calls an Ultra Retina XDR display (yet another new name). The icing on the cake is that these new iPad Pros can be fitted with textured nano glass to reduce reflections.

Pour faire fonctionner ces nouveaux iPad, Apple a fait le choix de passer directement à la puce Apple M4. Grâce à elle et à un nouveau système de refroidissement, ces nouveaux iPad Pro sont 4 fois plus rapides que les iPad Pro avec puce M2.

Cependant, il faut noter qu’ils perdent au passage la caméra grand-angle. Seule la caméra de 12 Mpx, ainsi que le scanner LiDAR, sont toujours de la partie.

Source : Apple

These new iPad Pros are available in 2 colors: Space Black and Silver.

A new keyboard and stylus ⌨️

To complement these new iPads, new accessories are available: a new Magic Keyboard and a new Apple Pencil Pro stylus. The new Magic Keyboard features function keys and a larger trackpad. While the new Apple Pencil Pro stylus has interesting features such as :

  • Press to display new options
  • Rotation sensitivity during use
  • Compatibility with the Locate application to find it if it’s lost.

Source : Apple

The new Magic Keyboard is only compatible with the new iPad Pro. It is available in 2 colors, black and white, at a price of €349 for the 11-inch version, and €399 for the 13-inch version. The new Apple Pencil Pro, meanwhile, is available with both the new iPad Air and iPad Pro. It is available for €149.

Inconsistencies in the range 😵‍💫

With these new iPads, Apple is creating even more inconsistency in its range. The iPad Pro is now lighter than an iPad Air, which contradicts its original proposition. Today, Apple is selling it as a lighter Pro version. Why not follow the same strategy as with iPhones, i.e. a simple range and a Pro range, with a bonus Mini range?

And it’s even more complicated with styluses today. See for yourself.

Source : Site Apple

Finally, despite these new improvements, these iPads are still iPads. Even if they have the power of MacBooks, their use remains limited by iPadOS. Perhaps we’ll see some surprises at WWDC next June.

Do you own an iPad? What do you think of this new range? Tell us in the comments section.

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