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Google rolls out handy new features on Android 📱

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Google continues to improve the Android experience with new features that make life easier for users. The tech giant has just announced a batch of updates ranging from message editing to simplified management of connected devices, as well as improvements to video calling and payments.

Message editing: a long-awaited feature📝

Google Messages, Google’s messaging application, is finally introducing a long-awaited feature: message editing after sending. You have up to 15 minutes to correct a spelling mistake, add a missing word or clarify your point after sending an RCS (Rich Communication Services) message. This feature, which is already available on rivals such as WhatsApp and iMessage, should delight many Android users with version 8 or higher.

Google has also announced new Emoji Kitchen sticker combinations for Gboard. It allows users to mix and match their favourite emojis like the disco ball and headphones for fun, personalised creations.

Instant Connection Sharing and Easy Switching between Devices 🛜

Google is also making it easier to connect devices in its ecosystem. Instant connection sharing » will soon make it possible to connect an Android tablet or Chromebook to the smartphone hotspot with a single click, without having to enter a password. This feature, which greatly simplifies Internet access, is reminiscent of a similar feature that has existed in the Apple ecosystem for a long time.

In addition to this, Google Meet makes it easier to switch devices during video calls. Simply click on the Cast icon to switch from a smartphone to another device, such as a tablet or web browser, without interruption.

Simplified management of connected devices 🏡

Managing home automation devices just got easier with the new Google Home widget, now available on the home screen of Android phones. This widget allows you to quickly control your most frequently used connected devices. What’s more, users of smartwatches running Wear OS 3 or later can also access a Google Home Favourites thumbnail, making it easier to manage their connected home from their wrist.

Paying with Google Wallet on Wear OS and Digital Keys Extension 👛

Google Wallet on Wear OS now integrates PayPal, enabling users in the USA and Germany to make secure payments directly from their watch. This enhancement offers a convenient alternative for everyday payments without having to take out their phone. The only thing left to do is wait for a worldwide rollout.

In addition, digital keys, enabling a car to be opened and started using a smartphone, will soon be available for certain Mini, Mercedes-Benz and Polestar models. This feature will be rolled out gradually from June.

All these new features will be deployed via one of the updates via Play Services or applications. So don’t forget to check if they are available on the Play Store.

What do you think of these new features? Tell us in the comments section.


Source : Google

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