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Instagram introduces nudity protection in private messages 🔞

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Many ill-intentioned individuals are increasingly exploiting private messages on Instagram for sextortion. To counter this threat, Instagram is launching a new feature to combat unwanted nudity in private messages.

Nude photos will be blurred 🔞

Instagram is taking action against unwanted nudity in private messages (DMs) by introducing a new nudity protection feature. This feature uses machine learning on the device to detect images of a sexual nature and automatically blur them. Its aim is to protect users, particularly teenagers, from the risks associated with unsolicited nudity. A second aim is to deter scammers who try to manipulate users in this way.

This feature is initially activated by default for users under 18 worldwide. It will also be offered to adults with an incentive notification. When nudity protection is activated, senders and recipients of intimate images receive messages encouraging them to exercise caution. They also have the option of cancelling the message or blocking the sender.

Source : Meta

Safety tips for users ⚠️

To combat the non-consensual distribution of intimate content, a warning is displayed when nude images are uploaded. In addition, users are directed to safety tips. These have been developed in conjunction with experts, to raise awareness of the potential risks associated with receiving or sending sensitive images. These tips also provide resources for getting help when needed.

Source : Meta

Image analysis is performed locally on the device, meaning that Meta has no access to the images, even if they are blurred. Nudity protection also works in end-to-end encrypted chats, guaranteeing user confidentiality.

In addition to nudity protection, Instagram is also implementing other measures to combat sexual harassment and abuse on its platform. These include the ability to easily report abusive content, access to support resources and tools to better control privacy.

What do you think of this Meta measure? Will it have the desired effect? Tell us in the comments section.

Source : Meta

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