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Instagram tests unskippable ads: a risky gamble? 😡

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Instagram is testing a new advertising feature that could well be a game-changer for its users. Dubbed « Ad Break », this new feature requires users to watch a 3 to 5-second ad before being able to continue browsing the application. This experiment, deployed on a small group of users, has already provoked strong reactions from Internet users.

Inevitable advertising 😡

The concept of « Ad Breaks » is simple but potentially disruptive. An ad appears on the screen, and the user must wait for the countdown to end before being able to continue his or her activity on Instagram. This approach is reminiscent of YouTube’s inescapable ads. Indeed, users regularly have to wait a few seconds before being able to move on to the next video. Meta, Instagram’s parent company, confirmed the experiment to TechCrunch. The company said the aim is to « test formats that can bring value to advertisers ».

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Initial user feedback on this new feature has been largely negative. On Reddit, the majority of comments express deep dissatisfaction. Some users are even threatening to leave the app if inescapable ads become the norm. This sentiment is widely shared, with many believing that the practice degrades the user experience by introducing unwanted friction into the app’s fluid navigation.

A delicate balance between monetization and user satisfaction 🤑

Clearly, the introduction of « Ad Breaks » is aimed at increasing advertising revenues, a crucial aspect for Meta. However, this strategy carries significant risks. By disrupting the user experience, Instagram could see a decline in user engagement. Worse still, some might flee to competing platforms. This dilemma highlights the tension between the need to generate revenue and the importance of maintaining a pleasant, engaging user experience.

For the time being, the « Ad Break » is only a test, and there is no guarantee that it will be rolled out globally. Meta is closely monitoring user reactions and the performance of this feature before making a final decision. Massive negative reactions could prompt Meta to reconsider this invasive advertising strategy, at the risk of alienating part of its user base.

Do you use Instagram? If so, what do you think of these experiments? Tell us in the comments.


Sources :  TechCrunch, 01net

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