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Prepare your wedding lists with Cameroonian website Nuptials Gift 💐

« Nuptials Gift » a Cameroonian website aimed at future brides and grooms to facilitate the creation of wedding lists. The site offers a user-friendly interface in four simple steps to create a wish list with various gifts. Users can choose between three currencies for gifts. Payment can be made via Orange Money or MTN Momo. Click here for full article

Elon Musk is going to kill the little blue bird and replace it with « X »

Twitter is about to radically change its identity. The blue bird logo will be replaced by an « X ». The project aims to integrate the original X.com idea into Twitter, adding artificial intelligence. The duration of the transition remains unknown, but changes are expected over time. Click here for full article

Samsung makes its new foldable smartphones official: the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5📖

Samsung has unveiled its new foldable smartphones: the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5. The Z Flip 5 features a larger, more practical external screen. The Z Fold 5 offers minor tweaks over the previous version, including a new hinge and better integration of the S Pen stylus for productivity. Click here for full article

The official ChatGPT application is now available on Android 🤖
The ChatGPT app, which was initially available on iOS, is now available to Android users. This free app offers history synchronization across all devices, integrates voice input, and offers a web-like experience. Click here for full article
Goodbye Watch Tab and hello « Facebook Video »! 📺
Facebook Watch gets a facelift and a new name. Meta has decided to completely reinvent the video hub of its flagship social network, focusing on new trends and adapting to market orientations. Click here for full article

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