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Microsoft launches PC revolution with Copilot+ PCs 💻

Microsoft has announced a new category of PCs called « Copilot+ PCs » specially designed around artificial intelligence. Incorporating a dedicated AI chip called NPU in addition to the CPU and GPU, these PCs will be up to 20 times more powerful for AI. The first models based on Qualcomm’s ARM Snapdragon chips will be available from June 18. Click here for full article

Recall, Windows 11’s controversial new memory function 🧠
Microsoft is preparing the launch of Recall, a revolutionary but controversial feature for Windows 11. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Recall will be able to instantly retrieve any information consulted on your PC by constantly analyzing and indexing everything you do. An unprecedented productivity boost, but one that raises serious concerns about data confidentiality and security. Click here for full article
The iOS 17.5 bug that resurfaces old deleted photos 🧟‍♂️

The iOS 17.5 update has led to the unexpected reappearance of old, long-deleted photos in the Photos app for many iPhone users. This annoying bug caused concern, particularly when one user saw 300 « revealing » photos resurface on a sold iPad. Click here for full article

ChatGPT, DuckDuckGo and Ecosia down because of Bing 🤕

An outage in Microsoft’s Bing API paralyzed the online search functionality of ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot, DuckDuckGo and other services for almost 9 hours on Thursday morning. After reports of partial recovery, Microsoft and the affected platforms confirmed a return to normal by late afternoon. Click here for full article

Title + EMOJI 📛🚨
Summary of the article Click here for full article

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