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Afrikrea is dead, long live Anka Marketplace 🛒

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On March 20, startup Anka announced the end of Afrikrea. While many thought the platform was closing down, this was not the case. In fact, it’s a change of brand and strategy.

Afrikrea becomes Anka Marketplace 🚀

Originally, Afrikrea was an « online marketplace, specializing in African-inspired fashion and crafts ». Founded in 2013, it quickly became the leading online retailer of Afro fashion. After 11 years of service, Afrikrea is retiring. The announcement was posted on the platform’s social media accounts.

While the community mourned the loss of the platform and speculation about the reasons for its closure was growing, Afrikrea’s parent company, Anka, provided the necessary explanations. Afrikrea becomes Anka Marketplace.

Above all, the name change is associated with a new strategy. Whereas Afrikrea focused on discovering African designers, Anka Marketplace aims to help them grow.

« We need now to do much more for all the people that are already greats brands » – Moulaye Tabouré, Co-founder and CEO of ANKA


The change of name and strategy is also accompanied by an expansion of the catalog. Whereas Afrikrea used to focus on African fashion, Anka Marketplace is opening up to a much wider range. All African products and services destined for Africa and the rest of the world will now be welcome on the platform. Fashion, digital products, hospitality and tourism, training… Anka Marketplace will welcome them all. But that’s not all. In addition to Anka, brands will be able to take advantage of other products such as :

  • Anka Pay: a payment solution similar to PayPal that makes it easy to receive and withdraw money anywhere in Africa.
  • Anka Shipping: a parcel shipping solution at preferential rates.

With this change of name and strategy, Anka, meaning « ours » in Bambara, a common language in the Mali region and across West Africa, aspires to go even further in its mission to « bridge the gap between Africa and the world ». We wish them all the best.


Have you used the Afrikrea platform before? What do you think of the name change? Tell us in comments


Source : Anka

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