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Apple adds new emojis and improves its call quality with iOS 16.4 📱

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Apple recently launched the roll out of a new version of iOS, 16.4. Already available for download, it brings new features for phone calls, the Photo application and a bunch of new emojis.

Your voice will be better isolated during your phone calls📞

The ones you call will surely be delighted with this new feature. With iOS 16.4, a voice isolation mode makes its appearance for cellular calls. As the name suggests, it will filter out surrounding noise to focus only on your voice. VoIP calls (via FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc.) already had this feature. It’s a good thing that it’s now integrated with cellular calls.

However, you will have to activate the feature on each call, during the call, via the Control Center. A long press on the microphone allows you to access the functionality.

New emojis are coming to iOS🤩

The introduction of new emojis requires validation before being deployed on our smartphones. Apple is therefore taking advantage of this new version of iOS to include 21 new emojis including animals, hand gestures and objects. To get the full list, just click here.

Source : Emojipedia

The Doubloons album will clean up for you and your loved ones 🖼️

One of the practical features of the Photo application is the Duplicate album, which groups duplicate photos in the Photo gallery. Until now, it only scanned the photos on your device. With iOS 16.4, this album now takes into consideration duplicated photos and videos in an iCloud shared photo library.

The Always-On mode can now be disabled for the concentration modes 👀

Apple has a reputation for taking its time before offering certain features found on Android, in order to better refine them. Except that in some cases, not everything goes as planned. A recent example is the Always-On mode introduced with iOS 16 and only present on the iPhones 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. This screen, which is more annoying than anything else for many users, often receives new features that are supposed to improve it. With iOS 16.4, it will be possible to disable its activation depending on the selected concentration mode.

Installing Beta versions becomes easier ⚙️

The installation profiles to download to install the Beta version of iOS is now a thing of the past for Apple. A new sub-menu has appeared in the « Software Update » menu, and it is entirely dedicated to the installation of Betas. However, if you used to install the developer beta, you will absolutely have to be registered and have paid for your access to Apple’s developer program to download them.

The other little touches on Apple Music and Safari

If you use Apple Music, you will no longer be bothered by the pop-up that used to appear when adding a song to the queue. Instead, a small icon will now appear at the bottom just above the name of the song that is currently playing.

As for Safari, it welcomes notifications from websites. But don’t worry, only the ones coming from the sites you have added on your home screen as a Web App will have this possibility. Also, they work like regular notifications and require your permission.

If you have an iPhone with iOS 16, you know what you have to do. Go to Settings, Software Update and start the download.


Sources : Apple, 01Net, Frandroid

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