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WhatsApp brings new features to its PC app and to groups 📱💻

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In order to improve the customer experience of users, WhatsApp announces brand new convenient features. These new features include WhatsApp for PC, chat groups and text extraction from your images.

WhatsApp PC and its stock of new features💻✅

WhatsApp launches a new version of its PC application with a brand new look and greater calling capabilities.

  • Video calls with up to 8 people: This is the main new feature of WhatsApp’s PC application. On Windows, it is now possible to make video calls with up to eight people, as well as audio calls with up to 32 participants.

« We will continue to increase these limits over time, so you can always stay connected with your friends, family and colleagues. »

Source: WhatsApp

  • Faster and lifted

Meta also points out that WhatsApp’s PC application is better optimized, loading faster.

« We have made improvements including faster connection between different devices and better synchronization.

WhatsApp also takes advantage of this update to change its look on computer, with a design closer to the mobile version. The interface is now similar whether you use WhatsApp on your phone or computer.

  • WhatsApp talks about macOS app development

Alongside these announcements, WhatsApp indicates that the development of other applications is still among its priorities.

« We recently launched a new experience in beta for Android tablets and for Mac, » says Meta, which wants to continue making WhatsApp compatible with more and more devices. »

WhatsApp also enhances group capabilities👥📱

WhatsApp is rolling out three major new official features regarding groups. The goal is simple: to stand out from the competition and improve the customer experience for users.

Source: WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp doubles the number of participants: First of all, it is possible to accommodate up to 1024 participants in a group, which is twice as much as has been possible so far. The novelty has already made news at the end of 2022 and is now official.✅
  • More control for admins: Group admins will have more control. Indeed, they will be able to control access to groups and communities via the invitation link. This new feature will improve security and kindness within a group by avoiding opening the door to potential users with bad intentions.✅
  • Easier discovery of common groups: The third major new feature is aimed at expanding communities on WhatsApp. The messaging application will now allow you to discover the groups you have in common with other users. This information can be found in the user’s contact page and allows you to discuss common topics with other users on the platform more easily.✅

Copy your text from an image on WhatsApp📱📃

WhatsApp keeps improving its mobile application and according to the site WABetaInfo, among the recent novelties of the messaging service, there is a feature that allows you to copy text from an image.

If you receive a list of work tasks to complete, or a document in a photo on WhatsApp, you just have to open this image on the app to copy and paste what is written. But unfortunately, it seems that this new feature is not available for everyone.

Source: WABetaInfo

How to take advantage of this 🤗?

These new features will be deployed « in the coming weeks » for all users worldwide, WhatsApp announced. To take advantage of it, it’s simple: just update your application. And if the update is a bit late, you’ll have to wait a few more days for WhatsApp to roll it out to all devices.

Sources : WhatsApp, WhatsApp, WABetaInfo

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