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Google Bard now includes images 🤖

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During the 2023 edition of the Google I/O developer conference, the firm from Mountain View took the opportunity to make several announcements highlighting artificial intelligence technologies.

To demonstrate its superiority, Google went one step further with its AI tool by mentioning a few new features for its Bard chatbot. Most of these features are still under development, but Google is ready to roll out one of them: image support.

Bard is now able to process images 🖼️

Aiming to rival ChatGPT, Bard was hastily unveiled last February and is on track to support 40 languages. Google has announced that the chatbot is now available to everyone in a further 180 countries.

A recent update boosts its capabilities tenfold. Bard now has visual capabilities, integrating images to illustrate its answers. This will make the chatbot considerably more attractive, as users will be able to visualize the results of their searches if required. For example, if you’re looking for the best tourist sites in Africa, Bard will list them for you, illustrating them with images.

The company will also integrate Google Lens into Bard, which will analyze images uploaded by the user and can, for example, add captions corresponding to the images’ content.

« If Bard brings in a block of code or cites other content, just click the annotation and Bard will underline those parts of the response and link to the source » says the firm’s announcement.

Why is searching for images on Google Bard important?

It’s a great idea to include image search results in Google Bard. With images included, users can better communicate their ideas. Not only that, it will also make for more convincing recommendations and improve the overall response.

Google Bard image search works by presenting the image below the search results. If the user is searching for a list, the image is displayed under each item at the top of the page. Clicking on the image opens the link. In addition, hovering the mouse over the image displays the URL/source of the image. Users can also refine their search to display images only.

Google has mentioned other more visual features, and this is just one of them. In the near future, users will be able to submit an image to Bard and ask a question about it. For example, a user could submit an image of two dog buns and ask Bard to show the difference between them.

Sources : Google, Google Bard, Frandroid

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