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Bing becomes ChatGPT’s default search engine 🔍🤖

Following on from its partnership with OpenAI, Microsoft is enhancing ChatGPT’s default search experience with Bing, a leading search engine. This experience is reserved for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, and is available to users by simply activating a plugin integrating Bing into ChatGPT. Read the full article

Google Bard now includes images 🤖

During the Google I/O 2023 developer conference, Google announced new features for its chatbot Bard, highlighting artificial intelligence technologies. Bard now supports images and integrates Google Lens to analyze and caption images uploaded by users. Read the full article

You can finally correct your WhatsApp messages after sending them ✏️

WhatsApp has finally launched a much-requested feature: the ability to edit messages after sending them. Users will have 15 minutes to make changes. Edited messages will be marked as such, but it will not be possible to view the history of the changes.  Read the full article

It’s now official, Netflix will put an end to account sharing 🛑
Netflix has decided to end account sharing outside the home. Netflix is offering two options for those who share their account with people not living under the same roof: transfer the profile to a new dedicated account or add an additional member for an additional $7.99/month. Read the full article
Google is cleaning up on Gmail, remember to sign in 📧
Google recently updated its terms and conditions for inactive accounts on its platform. According to Google, abandoned accounts pose a security risk. To reduce this risk, Google will remove inactive accounts that have not been used for at least two years starting in December 2023 Read the full article

That’s it for this week. We wish you a good weekend and look forward to hearing from you in the comments.

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