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ChatGPT reconnects with the Web 🤖

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When ChatGPT made its debut, it had a limited knowledge base, with the AI only benefiting from information up to September 2021. However, the paid subscription has since enabled the AI to access information from the Internet in real time. After the discovery of a major bug, this feature was suspended for almost 3 months. Finally, it is back.

ChatGPT: connexion au web rétablie 📡

Until recently, one of ChatGPT’s main limitations was its inability to browse the web, preventing it from providing answers relating to recent events. Last May, OpenAI integrated Bing as its default search engine, the result of a partnership with Microsoft. Thanks to the « Browse with Bing » function, conversational AI could then access web data. However, just over a month after launching this option, OpenAI was forced to remove it, as it allowed users to bypass paywalls to access paid content. 😥

After months of « pause », « Browse with Bing » is back, and already available to subscribers to ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Enterprise offers. The feature will soon be extended to all users.

Browse with Bing on ChatGPT: How does it work?

If you’ve subscribed to a paid ChatGPT package, the option is directly integrated into the chatbot. Using it is very simple:

  • Open a chat window,
  • Place the cursor on GPT-4,
  • In the options, choose Browse with Bing,
  • Ask your question to ChatGPT, who will answer you by browsing the web.

However, the option still has a few shortcomings, as it can sometimes be confused with Bing Chat by referring directly to the source. However, the paywall problem (restricting access to digital content) has now been resolved.

So, let’s give it a try?

Sources: FuturaSciences, 59Hardware

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