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What is two-factor authentication ? 🔐

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More and more online services (social networks, messaging, applications) are asking you to activate two-factor authentication. But what does this mean? We talk about it in this week’s #AskTheGriots.

2FA, A safety method

Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA, is a security process that requires two separate methods to verify a user’s identity before granting access to an account, system or online service. It’s an extra layer of protection compared to traditional authentication based solely on a username and password, which can be hacked.

Password + Second factor

Two-factor authentication generally works as follows :

  • You provide your username and password, which constitute the first factor.
  • Next, you enter a second, temporary password, which may be a code received by SMS or via an authentication application. It can also be a confirmation using your fingerprint or facial recognition.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in comments. Your favorite griots will answer them 😁

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