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Why you should update your smartphone and computer ? ⬆️

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The new iOS version is now available, and the Android version should be announced soon. Windows 11, meanwhile, will receive a major update this week. But why should you update your devices? We talk about it in this week’s #AskTheGriots.

Features and performance

System updates for a smartphone or computer often come with a host of new features. They can enhance your device’s productivity, user-friendliness or customizability.

Updates can also improve your device’s performance by optimizing the use of hardware resources and reducing energy consumption.

Stability and safety

Updates also improve system stability. They can resolve performance problems, application crashes or bugs.

Finally, software updates often include security patches that close security loopholes. Without them, you expose your device to vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers to access your personal data, steal your sensitive information or damage your device.

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