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Do updates follow a specific schedule ? 🗓️

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Following last week’s « Ask The Griots », one of our readers wanted to know if updates follow a schedule? We answer in this week’s #AskTheGriots

Yes, most of the time

System and security updates generally follow a schedule. However, the way these schedules are managed can vary according to operating system and manufacturer.

System updates may follow an annual or half-yearly schedule. Security updates, on the other hand, are generally released on a more regular basis, often on a monthly basis.

Urgent updates

In the event of the discovery of a vulnerability or bug in a system, an urgent update can then be deployed, regardless of a defined schedule.

Once a critical problem has been detected, for example, a manufacturer sets about finding a solution as quickly as possible. Once the solution has been validated, the update is rolled out to users.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in comments. Your favorite griots will answer them 😁

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