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What is an IP certification ? 🏖️

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When a new smartphone is announced, one of its features is often IP certification. But what is it? We answer it in this week’s #AskTheGriots.

An international standard 🌍

IP certification, or Ingress Protection certification, is an international standard that classifies and certifies the degree of protection offered by a product against the penetration of solid particles (such as dust) and moisture (water).

This classification is generally used to assess the resistance of electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment to harsh environments. The IP rating is usually followed by a number, such as « IP68 ». The first number indicates the level of protection against solids, while the second number indicates the level of protection against humidity.

Two levels of protection 🛡️

Protection against solids :

  • 0: No protection specified
  • 1 to 6: Protection against dust and solid particles of increasing size, from coarse to fine particles
  • 6: Total protection against dust.

Protection against humidity :

  • 0: No protection specified
  • 1 to 9: Protection against humidity ranging from a drop of water to temporary immersion.

Thus, a product with IP68 certification would be fully protected against dust and able to withstand prolonged immersion in water.

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