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What is Threads ? 🌀

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If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably seen suggestions from « Threads ». It’s also the topic of the moment on both X(Twitter) and Facebook. But what exactly is it? We talk about it in this week’s #AskGriots 😉

Twitter with a Meta touch

Threads is a new social network inspired by the Twitter idea.  Users can publish short texts of up to 500 characters to share their thoughts, anecdotes, opinions, jokes, tips and tricks.

As with Twitter (now X), links, photos and videos of up to 5 minutes in length can be included. Users can also like, repost, share with friends and comment on messages.

Threads vs X (ex-Twitter)

Threads is still a very young application. That’s why some of the features that contributed to the success of Twitter (now X) are still missing. On Threads, you won’t find thematic search and hashtags, audio jabs, lists and bookmarks.

Audio, on the other hand, plays a key role in the social network, as you can not only publish recordings, but also make audio comments.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us in comments. Your favorite griots will answer them 😁

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