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How can you make it easier for first-aiders to help you ? 🩺

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In the event of an accident, every moment counts. Your smartphone offers crucial features to make first aid easier, whether for you or someone else. We talk about it in this week’s #AskGriots.

Medical card 🪪

The medical card gives emergency personnel or 1st aiders access to your essential medical information from the locked screen, without requiring your access code. This includes your name, blood type, any allergies and your state of health.

This medical card is available via the smartphone’s shutdown menu, on both Android and iOS. To configure it, go to Settings (Security and Emergencies) on Android, or via the Health application (via the Profile Picture menu) on iOS.

Emergency contacts ☎️

The medical card also includes contacts to call in the event of an emergency. These contacts can also be accessed via the « Emergency calls » menu on the switch-off screen.

From this menu, you can call the contacts you’ve selected as emergency contacts without having to unlock your phone. Moreover, their numbers are hidden to ensure greater privacy. Emergency contacts can be added either via the medical card or directly from your phonebook.

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