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What is a decentralized social network ? ⛓️

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Now that Bluesky, the decentralized version of X (Twitter), is accessible without invitation, the question that comes up most often is: « What is a decentralized social network? » We answer it in this week’s Ask Griots.

Users in control 💪🏾

A decentralized social network is a social platform that operates without being controlled or owned by a single central entity. This is the opposite of traditional social networks such as Facebook and X, where a specific company owns and manages the platform.

In a decentralized social network, data is not stored on a single central server, but rather on multiple nodes distributed across the network. Users often have more control over their own data, and can choose how to share their information.

Restaurant vs. picnic 🧺

To help you understand, we can compare a centralized social network to a restaurant. When you go to a restaurant, you can’t freely choose where to sit. You don’t decide what’s on the menu, or how the food is served.

A decentralized social network is more like a big picnic. In a picnic, for example, everyone decides what to bring, who to share it with and when. And you’re free to sit wherever you like.

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