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What is a deepfake ? 🎭

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Following on from last week’s #AskGriots on phishing, this week we take a look at deepfake.

Multimedia manipulation 🎭

The term « deepfake » is a combination of the words « deep learning » and « fake ». Deep learning is an artificial intelligence learning technique.

A « deepfake » is a form of multimedia manipulation that uses artificial intelligence to create falsified content, such as videos, images or audio recordings, that appear authentic but are in fact synthetic.

A double-edged sword ⚔️

The technology behind deepfakes can have positive applications, such as the creation of special effects in the entertainment industry. But it is best known for its malicious uses, such as creating misleading content, spreading false information and defaming individuals.

For example, deepfakes can be used to superimpose one person’s face on another’s body in a video, or alter a person’s speech in an existing video.

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