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Which jobs are threatened by AI and which new AI-related jobs already exist ? 🤖

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Jobs under threat ⚠️

Several studies have been carried out to find out which jobs are threatened by AI. Most agree that routine, repetitive jobs based on data collection and analysis, as well as certain intellectual professions, are at risk.

These include: office secretaries and administrative assistants, teleoperators and customer service agents, insurance and banking agents, accountants, librarians and documentalists, journalists, lawyers, civil engineers, software developers, etc.

New professions ✅

It’s important to point out that, before completely replacing certain professions, AI can help improve productivity in those professions.

As far as new jobs are concerned, most of them are currently linked to the creation and development of AI. These include machine learning engineer, data scientist, robotics engineer, AI ethics expert, AI software developer, cybersecurity analyst specialized in AI, natural language processing specialist.

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