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Ephemeral audio messages coming soon to WhatsApp 👻

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Are you tempted by audio messages that disappear once listened to? Well, to protect audio messages, WhatsApp is about to offer an option that will make them ephemeral. Once listened to, an audio message disappears and cannot be saved or forwarded.

Messages disappear after being listened to 😶‍🌫️

WhatsApp continues to strengthen confidentiality on its messaging application. In addition to end-to-end encryption, it is now possible to send media with a single view, which disappears after being opened. Until now, only photos and videos were concerned. However, audio messages, which are an integral and practical part of the WhatsApp experience, did not have this option.

To solve this problem, Meta is preparing a new feature that will make these audio messages ephemeral. This discovery was made by the WABetaInfo site, which specializes in WhatsApp Beta news. The feature is currently available to beta testers (and if you don’t know what a beta is, click here). For the moment, we don’t know when this new option will be available to everyone. WhatsApp has not yet officially communicated on the subject.

Source : WABetaInfo

Of course, a prepared recipient can always record your audio messages using a second smartphone or dictaphone. However, this measure still enhances confidentiality, especially when discussing sensitive subjects or very personal matters on WhatsApp audio messaging.

So don’t forget to update your application to find out if you’re one of the lucky beta testers.

Sources: WABetaInfo

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