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Shomi, the exam preparation app, unveils its new features📚

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Just under a year after its launch, the Shomi app unveils one of its most important updates, offering not only an enhanced user experience, but also new features that will delight students.

Shomi, kesako ?

Shomi is an application designed to help pupils and students prepare for exams. It gives them access to old tests. To take things a step further, users can take part in exam sessions from the platform and measure themselves against others. A performance tracking tool is also included to support them along the way. Currently, available exams cover the following areas:

  • GCE A-Level, Bac C and Bac D,
  • National Advanced School of Engineering of Yaounde,
  • National Advanced School of Public Works
  • medical school entrance examinations (2007 to 2018)
  • FASA
  • IDEs

In addition to these tests, all university continuous assessments and normal sessions will be added by the start of the 2024 academic year.

Offline mode, chat groups, AI: Shomi raises the stakes

With this new version, Shomi is doubling its efforts to improve the user experience. The team has worked on the application’s user interface and performance, making the overall experience better. Reading is now faster, smoother and more immersive. But that’s not all: new features have also been introduced.

Offline experience

Given that the internet connection in Cameroon is not always fast and stable, Shomi has included an offline mode. So once you’ve opened a question, you can continue reading and exploring even without an internet connection.

Chat groups

Group work encourages exchange and the development of knowledge by drawing inspiration from others. If it works so well in the real world, why not in the virtual one? Shomi’s designers have thought of this and introduced chat groups. You’ll be able to join groups specific to your school or discussions about other training schools.

AI assistance

Shomi now incorporates artificial intelligence (AI), which you can ask any question to get instant answers to help you understand various topics. This makes your learning experience more personalized and efficient.

Discussions on school page

Each school page now has a dedicated « Join the discussion » section. Immerse yourself in conversations with other students from your school, gaining valuable information about your school.

What’s next for Shomi?

Shomi is also committed to becoming more open. Over the next month, teachers will be able to create exams and sell them on Shomi during exam nights.

The app is currently only available on Android, and you can download it by clicking here. The iOS version is currently under development.

If you’re preparing for exams, or know someone who is, you now know which application to recommend.

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