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Xiaomi smartphones to switch from MIUI to HyperOS 📱

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MIUI, the Android interface that has until now equipped Xiaomi smartphones, is retiring. After 13 years of loyal service, it will be replaced by HyperOS.

One system for all Xiaomi products 📱

HyperOS is the name of the new system developed by Xiaomi for its devices. It will replace the well-known MIUI, launched in 2010 and used on all Xiaomi smartphones. The surprise announcement was made by Xiaomi founder Lei Jun on the Chinese social network Weibo.

In development since 2017, this new operating system is based on Android, but not only. In fact, it also incorporates what has been developed by Xiaomi for its connected objects platform, Vela, launched in 2020. And there’s a reason for this: HyperOS will be integrated into all Xiaomi products. The brand currently offers over 200 product categories, from connected objects for the home to electric cars. HyperOS will therefore have the challenging task of making all these devices work autonomously, but also in harmony within the Xiaomi ecosystem.

For the moment, no further information has been revealed about this system, not even a single screenshot. We’ll have to wait for the presentation of the next Xiaomi 14, the first smartphones to feature it, to find out more.

The spectre of sanctions against Huawei? 🧐

Xiaomi’s move is not unlike that undertaken by Huawei with HarmonyOS. After falling out of favor as a result of U.S. sanctions, the Chinese smartphone giant undertook a complete overhaul of its products to mitigate the effects of these sanctions, whether in terms of the hardware components used or the system installed on its smartphones.

With the economic war between China and the USA in full swing, wouldn’t Xiaomi anticipate things? We can imagine that the Chinese giant would not like to find itself in the same situation as Huawei. For the time being, however, we can only speculate. Only time will tell.

Sources : Xiaomi, Frandroid

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