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Samsung unveils its first smart ring, the Galaxy Ring 💍

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The Tech event of the week was certainly Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked conference. During the conference, the new Galaxy S24, S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphones were unveiled. However, at the end of the conference, Samsung gave us a glimpse of a new product.

Galaxy Ring: a health-oriented smart ring 🩺

Nobody expected it, but it’s been announced. To everyone’s surprise, Samsung briefly presented its future smart ring, the Galaxy Ring. However, we only got a glimpse of the Ring’s silhouette through a video, and that’s it. No comments were made during the conference, no features were detailed, and no release date was mentioned.

After unveiling its new smartphones, equipped with capabilities powered by the new Galaxy AI (which you can discover by clicking here), Samsung concluded its conference by talking about the improved health monitoring of its users thanks to its devices. It was during this part of the presentation that the Galaxy Ring preview was unveiled. This gives an idea of the Ring’s future utility. In addition to smartphones, the Korean manufacturer also offers watches and smart bands in its catalog. With this new smart object, the idea is surely to offer a more precise and discreet tool than a watch or wristband for monitoring your health.

A market with established players ⭕

With this new product, Samsung will be tackling a new market, the smart ring market. However, it is not the first to venture into this area. Indeed, many players have already been present in this sector for many years. The market leader in smart rings is the Finnish manufacturer Oura, with its Oura Ring connected ring, also designed for health monitoring. With a first generation released in 2015, a second in 2018 and a third in 2021, it’s clear that this manufacturer has plenty of experience.

Oura Ring

Other manufacturers such as Ultrahuman with its Ring Air and Omate with its Ice Ring are also trying to make their mark. Samsung, however, has a significant advantage on its side: the users of its smartphones. We’ll just have to wait and see for full details on the Galaxy Ring.

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