Samsung turns its Galaxy Buds earphones into real-time universal interpreters 🎧

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Device software updates bring a whole range of new features. The next update for the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy Buds Pro earphones should come in very handy on a daily basis.

A translator in your ears🦻🏾

During the presentation of its new Galaxy S24, S24 Plus and S24 Ultra, Samsung also unveiled new artificial intelligence features grouped together under Galaxy AI (which you can discover by clicking here). One of these features stands out for its practicality: real-time translation. Thanks to this, your Galaxy S24 can translate and then generate an audio file with your words translated into the language of your interlocutor. In turn, your interlocutor can see and hear his or her words translated into your language.

Samsung has decided to facilitate this process by integrating this functionality directly into its headphones. The principle is simple. You can listen to translations through your earphones, while the other person hears through your phone’s speaker. You no longer need to switch your device from one side to the other. This should improve your concentration on the conversation. What’s more, you can easily switch the order of speech during the conversation by simply tapping the Galaxy Buds. No need to manually adjust the order with your phone.

To benefit from this update, which will arrive at the end of February, you need to own a Galaxy S24 and one of the following pairs of headphones: Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Buds2 or Buds FE.

New features for the Samsung ecosystem 🪢

The new headphone update will also come with features to take better advantage of the Samsung ecosystem. These include Auracast, Audio 360 sound and AutoSwitch functionality.

Auracast is a feature that allows sound to be broadcast to several headphones at the same time. Present on Samsung TVs since last year, this feature will find its way to Samsung smartphones and tablets with this update.

For Audio 360, it’s the other way around. Already available on smartphones and tablets, this feature will now be available on Samsung TVs. Galaxy Buds2 and Buds2 Pro headphones are compatible. As a reminder, this feature creates an audio bubble around you. It offers ambient sound from all directions, while following the movements of your head.

Finally, the Auto Switch feature now lets you switch the headphones to a Galaxy PC when you receive a call. Once the call has ended, the headphones switch back to the host device.


Are you a Samsung owner? What do you think of these new features? Tell us in the comments section.

Source : Samsung

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