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The magic eraser is coming to Windows 11 & Windows 10 🪄

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The « Magic Eraser » was popularized by Google and its Google Photos application. Previously, to achieve the same result on Windows, you had to use tools such as Adobe Photoshop. But this is no longer the case.

Remove unwanted elements from your photos 🖌️

The « magic eraser » is a feature found on many smartphones that removes unwanted elements from a photo. Whether it’s people in the background or unsightly objects. With a single selection, you can make them disappear. Artificial Intelligence then takes care of filling in the gaps left in the image. In a forthcoming update, Microsoft will integrate this functionality into its Photos application. You’ll be able to have a before-and-after shot like the one below.

Before and after photo editing

Once your Photos application has been updated, a new « Erase » option will be available in the top right-hand corner of the application options. By selecting this option, the « Generative Erase » functionality will appear in a panel on the right. Simply brush over the objects or areas you wish to delete, as shown in the example below. Adjust the brush size to obtain the desired level of precision.

For even more precise control, or to delete several objects at once, you can deactivate the automatic application. This will allow you to add or remove masks, with each mask representing an area to be deleted.

Windows 11 ARM and Windows 10 will also have access to this feature 🥳

Until now, all AI editing options in the Photos application, such as background blur, background removal and background replacement, were only available on Windows 11. In addition, only computers with Intel or AMD processors were affected. With the next update, all these features, plus generative deletion, will be available to Windows 11 users with ARM processors, as well as Windows 10 users.

This update is currently being distributed to all Windows Insiders on Windows 11, in all channels. For Windows Insiders on Windows 10, the update is available in the Release Preview channel. If you are eligible, please update your application to version 2024.11020.21001.0 or later.

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