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You’ll have to pay to avoid ads on Prime Video 📺

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Long gone are the days when streaming platforms rhymed with ad-free viewing experiences. After settling in on Netflix and Disney+, advertising has now arrived on Prime Video.

1.99 extra per month for no advertising🤑

Advertising is definitely in vogue on video streaming services. The streaming market has come a long way since the arrival of Netflix, and new competitors have joined the party. Today’s offering is closer to that of traditional television. Long gone are the days when you were guaranteed to see all your favorite content without commercial breaks. One after another, Netflix and Disney+ have introduced inexpensive, ad-supported packages. Prime Video follows in their footsteps, but in its own way.

Until now, the Prime Video offer was included in Amazon’s Prime subscription. Subscribers could access the entire Prime Video catalog, while enjoying fast delivery, by subscribing to a single package. But things are about to change. Amazon has sent an e-mail to its subscribers to inform them of the arrival of advertising on the platform.

From April 9, 2024, Prime Video movies and series will include ads in limited quantities. This will enable us to continue investing in attractive content and increase our investments over the long term, in order to maintain the quality and quantity of content on Prime Video. We aim to have significantly less advertising than traditional linear TV and other streaming services.

As you may have guessed, all users will de facto see advertising on Prime Video. And users who don’t wish to see advertising will be able to subscribe to a new ad-free option for an additional €1.99 per month. The e-commerce giant’s strategy is totally different from that of Netflix or Disney+. These offer different packages, with or without advertising.

Are you a Prime Video user? What do you think of this change ? Tell us in comments.


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