Android will soon have its own Find My network 📍

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One of the strengths of the Apple ecosystem is the Find network. It allows users to find any of their devices anywhere in the world, as long as there is an Apple device nearby. Well, good news for Android users: a similar feature will soon be available.

Find any Android device and compatible accessory 🔍

Apple’s Find My network relies on the myriad of devices in circulation. Indeed, when a device is reported lost, other Apple devices in the area can detect the lost device’s Bluetooth signal. They can then anonymously send its location to iCloud to help locate the device.

Google is planning a similar system, but for Android devices. Announced almost a year ago, it appears to be about to be rolled out. In an e-mail spotted by 9to5Google, Google tells users that it will activate the feature in a few days. Once activated, it will be compatible with all devices using Google Play services. It will be able to locate various other devices such as connected watches, wireless headphones, Bluetooth trackers and so on. This process will rely on Android smartphones, which will act as relay beacons for this functionality.

Source : The Verge

The launch had so far been delayed because Google was waiting for Apple. In fact, Apple has to launch unknown tracker alerts for all tracking devices, not just AirTags. As things seem to be speeding up on Apple’s side, Google has decided to move ahead too.

We’ll be coming back to this feature in more detail, once it’s available to all. In the meantime, remember to update your smartphone regularly.


Sources :  The Verge, 9to5Google

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