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Installing Microsoft Store applications from the web is now easier on Windows 💻

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Microsoft recently announced significant changes to the operation of the web version of its Microsoft Store. Users can now download application executables directly from the website.

A new installation experience 🚀

Until now, users had to go through several steps to download an application from the Microsoft Store web. They first had to click on the « Get » button on the application page, then click on a link to open the Microsoft Store application. Once the Microsoft Store application was open, they had to click on the « Install » button to start downloading and installing the application.

But with this update, Microsoft aims to make downloads faster and less constraining. With the new web experience, users can now download lightweight « web installers » with a single click. These installers take care of all aspects of installation, including prerequisite and rights management.

The good news was announced by Rudy Huyn, Architect Principal in charge of the Microsoft Store, Copilot and Windows, on his Twitter / X account.

As well as simplifying the download process, the new web experience also offers a number of other advantages. The .exe installers are smaller than the installation files downloaded via the Microsoft Store application. This means they can be downloaded and installed more quickly. What’s more, .exe installers can be used to install applications on systems that don’t have the Microsoft Store application installed.

Beneficial changes for users and developers as well 💪🏾

This change benefits both users and developers. Users benefit from a simpler, faster download process. While developers can expect an increase in the number of installations of their applications. According to Microsoft, initial tests of the new web experience have shown a 12% increase in the number of application installations. What’s more, 54% of applications were launched immediately after installation.

In addition, developers can choose to use the new experience. They can also redirect users to the traditional Microsoft Store. This flexibility enables them to adapt to their users’ preferences.

Do you often use the Microsoft Store to download your applications? If so, what do you think of this new experience?


Sources : Neowin, 01net

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