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Starlink: end of roaming service in Cameroon and uncertainties about the future 📡

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Starlink, SpaceX’s revolutionary satellite constellation project, promised to bring high-speed Internet access to underserved regions. Although unofficial in Cameroon, roaming affected many users. However, a recent announcement indicates the imminent end of this service.

What is Starlink and how does it work? 🛰️

Starlink is a satellite constellation project developed by SpaceX, the company founded by Elon Musk. Starlink’s main objective is to provide high-speed Internet access to regions of the world poorly served by traditional terrestrial infrastructures, as well as to rural or remote areas where Internet access is limited. Starlink users can install an antenna on their property to receive the Internet signal from satellites. This antenna connects to a modem inside the home. It then provides Wi-Fi access for connected devices such as computers, smartphones and TVs.

Despite the lack of official authorization in Cameroon, users have been able to subscribe to Starlink through a roaming service. However, SpaceX recently announced some changes. This service offers users the possibility of using Starlink at another location. Initially, the terms of service stipulated a 2-month limit, but until now, SpaceX had not implemented this.

End of Starlink service in unauthorized areas at the end of the month 🛑

From April 30, 2024, Starlink will end its roaming service for users outside the country where they have subscribed to the offer.

This decision was announced by e-mail to the users concerned, and is mainly due to non-compliance with the terms of use. Indeed, Starlink’s terms of use state that the roaming service is intended for temporary use on the move, and not for permanent use outside covered areas. « Your service will be terminated on April 30, 2024 and you will not be able to access the internet, except to update your Starlink account information, » Starlink said.

Regulatory problem and Wall Street Journal investigation 📡

Starlink’s decision to end its roaming service also comes in a complex regulatory context. The Cameroonian government has required the company to stop selling its services in Cameroon and « pause » Cameroonian users. At present, the American company has not yet received regulatory approval from the Cameroonian authorities to operate in the country.

However, this situation is not unique to Cameroon, but rather global, extending to other nations. It seems that Starlink’s reaction is in response to a recent Wall Street Journal investigation. Titled « The Black Market That Delivers Elon Musk’s Starlink to U.S. Foes », it reveals that the roaming service was being used by U.S. adversaries to circumvent sanctions.

The future of Internet access for millions of users is uncertain. This decision could have a major impact on the economy, education and healthcare in many countries. Players in these sectors would find themselves without a viable solution.

Are you using Starlink? What do you think of this situation? Tell us in comments.

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