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You may no longer be able to access Netflix from your TV 😨

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Netflix recently began rolling out a new update to its TV application. While a new update usually means new features and therefore good news, this one is quite the opposite.

Security risks for older TV sets ⚠️

Some users got an unpleasant surprise when trying to log into their Netflix account from their TV. Instead of the traditional profile selection page, they were instead presented with the message « Netflix is no longer available on this device. See the list of compatible devices at ».

Without prior warning to its users, Netflix has rolled out a new update that has made many TV sets incompatible. TV sets affected include models from Samsung, Sony Hitachi and Panasonic. The main reason for this action by Netflix is user safety. Axel Legay, professor of cybersecurity at UCLouvain, explains to RTL Info:

« From a cybersecurity point of view, this is quite normal. If the SSL protocol is too vulnerable, TV manufacturers have to update their devices, otherwise the applications on them can be attacked. »

But there are also economic reasons behind Netflix’s choice. It’s important to know that at the heart of these application updates are teams of developers. The older a system, the less expertise is available, and the rarity of this expertise is expensive. We can observe a similar situation in the world of smartphones. This is one of the reasons why some smartphones, particularly those in the mid and lower ranges, have limited access to updates.

You don’t have to replace your TV set just yet😉

If your TV is among the unfortunate ones affected, don’t panic. If it has no other faults, you can continue to watch Netflix on it as before thanks to other solutions. You can use small connected boxes such as the Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV or Nvidia Shield. They connect to your TV via the HDMI port and give you access to all the applications already available on the TV, and much more besides. And they don’t cost as much as a new TV. And best of all, they last much longer than TV sets.


Do you use Netflix on your TV? What do you think of the streaming giant’s decision? Discuss it in the comments.

Source : RTL info

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