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YouTube steps up the fight against mobile ad blockers🛑

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In a recent update, YouTube has taken a further step in its war against third-party apps aimed at blocking ads on mobile. The offensive aims to discourage users from bypassing the platform’s ad-based business model.

YouTube pulls out all the muscle against ad blockers 😡

In a statement published on its official support site on April 15, YouTube announces its intention to step up its measures against mobile ad blockers. The company warns that users using such apps, such as AdGuard, could experience performance issues. These problems range from slowdowns to error messages when playing videos on the platform. These applications are accused of violating YouTube’s terms of use, depriving creators of their legitimate advertising revenues.

This decision represents an escalation in YouTube’s efforts to counter ad blockers, particularly those on mobile. Since last year, YouTube has launched a « global effort » to counter these practices. Users of ad blockers on web browsers were the first to be affected.

Watching ads to support creators 💰

To justify these new measures, the platform was keen to point out that ads on YouTube play a crucial role in supporting creators and giving billions of people access to its streaming service. As such, these applications « prevent the creator from being rewarded for the audience ». As a result, YouTube warns that it will take severe action against third-party applications that violate its terms of use. In this way, YouTube aims to protect its ecosystem, its creators and its users.

And for those who prefer not to see ads, YouTube invites them to opt for its paid subscription, YouTube Premium. This offers an ad-free experience while directly supporting content creators.

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Source : YouTube

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