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Netflix: forced switch to ad-supported subscriptions for some subscribers 😡

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Bad news for the last Netflix Essentiel subscribers: from June, they will automatically switch to the ad-supported subscription.

An unpopular decision driven by profitability 🤑

Netflix will be transitioning its subscribers from the old Essential plan to a new ad-supported plan starting in June. Netflix had already removed the Essential plan from its price list last year, replacing it with more expensive ad-supported and ad-free plans. This decision was aimed at boosting the platform’s revenues in the face of growing competition and stagnating subscriber numbers.

Although this new formula represents a 35% saving on the old Essentiel subscription, the presence of ads has prompted mixed reactions on social networks. Some users expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision, while others decided to cancel their Netflix subscription.

For the moment, this transition mainly concerns subscribers in the UK, Canada and Australia, but other countries may follow soon.

Do you use Netflix? Do you have the essential subscription? If so, what do you think of this measure? Tell us in comments.


Source : Techradar

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