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Netflix: Offline viewing on Windows coming to an end soon 😡

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Netflix has a Windows application that lets you watch your favorite content in the best possible conditions. However, the application is about to receive an update that will remove one of its key features: offline mode.

The end of offline mode on Windows🛑

If you’re used to using Netflix on your Windows PC on the move, then you’re probably familiar with the download feature. You can download your favorite content and watch it offline. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons why users prefer to use the application rather than a web browser. Unfortunately, this feature will disappear in a future update.

Source : Netflix

When launching the Netflix application on Windows, the previous message now appears. As you can see, it indicates that a new application will soon be available, offering new experiences. However, it also announces the end of downloads on the application.

An update scheduled for June 2024⌛

The Windows Latest site was able to contact Netflix, who confirmed this decision. Netflix support confirmed that the experience with the new Windows app would be similar to that of the current website ( For this reason, the new application will not support downloads.

Netflix has announced that the rollout of this new app will begin in June 2024, replacing the old one. If you don’t update your current Netflix app, it will eventually stop working. In their support documentation, Netflix informs users that all will be prompted to perform the update to continue enjoying movies and shows on Windows. This is very sad news, as the application loses all its usefulness.

Do you use Netflix on Windows? What do you think of this change? Tell us in the comments.


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