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Prime Video: You’ll see ads, even during breaks 😡

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Amazon is not just a streaming platform, it’s also becoming a playground for advertisers. With the roll-out of new interactive advertising formats on Prime Video, Amazon offers brands a new way of reaching consumers.

More and more advertising 😵‍💫

Amazon Prime Video, Amazon’s video streaming service, is set to enrich its advertising experience with the introduction of new interactive formats and direct buys. New features include:

  • Carousel ads : Customers can browse and buy several related products during commercial breaks. They can use their remote control to explore the options and add them to their shopping cart. The ad automatically pauses to allow browsing and then resumes playback.
  • Interactive pause ads : When viewers pause a program, a translucent ad appears. It features brand messages and images, as well as « Add to cart » and « Learn more » options. This interactive overlay remains available as long as the content is paused, offering an extended engagement opportunity.
  • Interactive brand ads : These ads entertain customers with information about the brand. They also allow them to make purchases, learn more about products and services, or unlock rewards. Customers can use their remote control to add products to the shopping cart, request information via e-mail, or claim rewards.

With over 200 million monthly customers worldwide, Prime Video offers advertisers a powerful platform for reaching a large, targeted audience.

The return of traditional television? 📺

For some time now, we’ve been witnessing a change in strategy on the part of streaming platforms. Initially, the offer was simple: you pay a subscription fee and have access to a variety of ad-free content. However, the platforms have changed their approach and are now integrating advertising. More recently, we learned that Netflix was going to migrate some subscribers to their ad-supported offer.

With all these changes, streaming platforms are looking more and more like traditional television.

Do you use Amazon Prime Video? What do you think of this change? Tell us in the comments.

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