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Google Pixel devices get all-new features with March update ✨

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Earlier this month, Google rolled out a new update for all the devices in its Pixel range. From smartphones to tablets, and of course watches, the month of March is rich in new features for these devices.

New features for phone calls, Instagram and search on phones 📱

Call Screen is useful when you don’t want to answer a call directly. Thanks to it, you can find out the identity of your correspondent without having to pick up the phone. With the new update, the call screen will be able to start a call when the caller remains silent. A new « Hello » feature will appear if the caller doesn’t answer, allowing you to invite the caller to speak by simply pressing a button while the call is being screened. If you can’t answer immediately, the Google Assistant will inform the caller that they need to wait a little longer before reaching you.

Source : Google

If you’re used to posting content on Instagram, the second feature in this update should appeal to you. You can now capture and share 10-bit HDR videos directly on Instagram, as well as upload and share stunning Ultra HDR photos to your Instagram feed.

Finally, good news for Pixel 7 and 7 Pro users. The « Circle to Search » feature will be available on these devices. This feature lets you launch a search from any application on your smartphone. Simply hold down the home button or Pixel navigation bar, circle, scribble, highlight or tap an image, text or video to get the information you need on the spot.

Health and navigation enhancements for watches ⌚

As Google’s Pixel product catalog is not limited to smartphones, Pixel Watch watches will receive new features via the update. Specifically, 1st-generation Pixel Watches will receive features that were previously exclusive to the 2nd generation.

The first-generation Pixel Watch now offers advanced features to enhance your training. You can set pace goals and monitor your pace thanks to its integrated GPS and motion sensors. What’s more, heart-zone training lets you track your heart rate and adjust your sessions accordingly. The redesigned user interface makes it easy to consult your statistics, and with automatic start and stop, you no longer need to manually manipulate the watch during your workouts.

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After a workout or when you need to relax and refocus your mind, you now have the option of using the Fitbit Relax app on your first-generation Pixel Watch to guide you through breathing exercises directly from your wrist. You can also track your progress in mindfulness moments through the app.

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Finally, the first-generation Pixel Watch will be more convenient on public transport, thanks to real-time directions. This feature allows you to see different public transport options, departure times in real time, as well as a map view with compass to guide you to your destination. You can start a journey from your phone and see the directions on your watch, or if you have an LTE-enabled watch, you can even start a journey directly from your wrist.

Source : Google

Productivity for all your Pixel devices 📈

Google has rolled out new productivity features across its entire lineup:

  • Application-based screen sharing: Simplify your video calls by sharing only the applications you want to show, delivering a more focused and efficient experience on your Pixel Tablet, Pixel Fold or Pixel 5a.
  • Quick device pairing: A new and improved method for quickly pairing your previously used devices with your account, making it easier to connect Bluetooth® accessories to your new phone or tablet via Fast Pair.
  • Annotations in Google Docs: add handwritten annotations to your documents directly from your Pixel device with Google Docs annotation tools, offering greater flexibility to review and annotate documents easily and collaboratively.
  • Gboard voice toolbar: on the Pixel tablet, enjoy a smoother typing experience thanks to the new Gboard voice toolbar, which optimizes screen space and facilitates multitasking when voice input is activated.

Source : Google

If you’re using a Pixel device, you know what you have to do 😉
Source : Google

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