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Facebook and Messenger back together 📱🤗

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  • In 2014, Mark Zuckerberg had decided to make Facebook and Messenger two separate applications
  • 9 years later, Facebook decided to reintegrate its messaging service
Messenger has had its own application for nine years now. Once available within the Facebook app, the messaging service had left the main Meta platform, which had also greatly confused users. But against all odds, a Facebook official announced that Messenger could make its comeback in the Facebook app, and this « very soon ». A turnaround that surprises many.

Facebook wants to reintegrate Messenger into its app 🤩

In a recent blog post, Meta officially announced the reunification of its two applications: Facebook and Messenger!
Indeed, Tom Alison, Facebook’s director, confirmed that the group is currently testing this:

« We are currently testing the ability for users to access their Messenger inbox from within the Facebook application and you’ll see that we will be expanding these tests soon. »

And no, for now, no official date communicated, but the change of course will certainly be appreciated by those who had been disappointed at the time to see their messaging migrate to another application in its own right.

Nevertheless, at the end of last December, users had already spotted a test performed by Facebook as you can see on the image below.

How to understand this change from Facebook ? 🤔

Remember, it was a big deal when Facebook decided to separate the two mobile apps in 2014 to provide « a better experience« .

At the time, Mark Zuckerberg said in a Q&A session :

« Messaging is becoming more and more important. On mobile, each application can only focus on one thing, in our opinion. »

But it is clear that the situation has changed. The director of Facebook indicates that the sharing of Reels by private message is increasingly important :

« On Instagram, people are already sharing Reels nearly a billion times a day through DMs, and on Facebook, we’re seeing private sharing of Reels grow rapidly as well. »

This greatly encourages the firm to facilitate the sharing of content via its messaging. But we think that the goal is different. In reality, Meta also has another very important goal behind it: to compete with TikTok, which integrates messaging functions and continues to overshadow Facebook and Instagram… Follow our eyes
What do you think of this change of direction ?

Sources : Meta, Presse Citron

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