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Good evening everyone! It’s time for our weekly Tech rendez-vous, #TechFriday. It’s been a relatively quiet week in the Tech world, marked by a few app updates. Then, with a bang, the United States filed a lawsuit against Apple. We’re going to take a look at all the news. Happy reading, and don’t forget to share with others 😉

United States accuses Apple of illegal smartphone monopoly ⚖️

Apple is facing prosecution in the USA for illegal monopoly on smartphones. The US Department of Justice and 16 attorneys general allege that Apple is using illegal practices to raise prices and restrict competition. Apple denies the charges, saying they threaten their ability to innovate and set a dangerous precedent. Click here for full article

Google Pixel devices get all-new features with March update ✨

Google rolled out an update for its entire Pixel range this month, offering new features for smartphones, tablets and watches. The update includes improvements for calls, health and productivity. Click here for full article

Xiaomi removes YouTube background playback on its smartphones 📺

The feature allowing YouTube background playback on Xiaomi smartphones will be removed with a system update. This feature was previously available for free to the brand’s users, but will now only be accessible with a YouTube Premium subscription. Click here for full article

Longer statuses and mentions coming soon to WhatsApp 🕰️
Two new features are currently being tested on WhatsApp. The first concerns the extension of status duration from 30 seconds to one minute. The second feature in development will enable users to mention their contacts directly in statuses. Click here for full article

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That’s it for this week. We wish you a good weekend and look forward to hearing from you in the comments.

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