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Apple’s services are coming to Windows 🎧📺

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It’s no secret that Apple invests a lot in its services, which also bring in a lot of money. The Cuppertino-based company wants to reach more users by making two new services available on Windows.

Apple Music and Apple TV come to Windows, goodbye iTunes ?

Initially reserved exclusively for iOS and macOS, Apple Music has made its way onto Android. Now it’s Windows’ turn to welcome Apple’s streaming platform. Starting next year, Apple Music will be available on Windows 11, via the Microsoft Store. At the same time, the application will also make its way to the Xbox, Microsoft’s home console.

The same goes for Apple TV, which after the Xbox, will arrive on Windows. Users will no longer need to go through the browser to access these services.

iCloud comes to photos on Windows

Even more surprising is the arrival of iCloud. Indeed, as on macOS, it will be possible to connect the Windows Photos application to iCloud to see your photos synchronized as if by magic. Windows should then become more attractive to iPhone users, while Apple would reach more customers who own an iPhone but probably can’t afford a MacBook.

What do you think about the arrival of these Apple services on Windows? Do you already use them on a daily basis? Tell us in comments.

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