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Tabs in Windows Explorer, iCloud photos and Android: Windows 11 is full of new features 1️⃣1️⃣

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Microsoft continues to evolve Windows 11. Dubbed Moment 1, the new Windows update comes with plenty of new features that should improve the day-to-day experience. Let’s take a look at the new features.

Tabs are coming to Windows Explorer

Years after Unix, Linux and macOS, tabs finally arrive in Windows Explorer. The feature was highly requested by users, it is now a reality. You will no longer need to create a new window to access another folder, you will just have to create a new tab, a bit like in the browser.

Tabs arrive in Windows Explorer // Source : Microsoft

The taskbar evolves

One of the biggest new features introduced by Windows 11 is the new taskbar. The main aesthetic change had, by the way, left out some of the functions that users value. Microsoft is aware of this and is changing its mythical taskbar. With the new update of Windows 11 :

  • Easier access to the task manager :

The shortcut to the task manager returns to the taskbar

  • The programs can be overflowing and are accessible via (…)

More applications

iCloud and Android come to Windows

As announced in a previous article that you can find by clicking here, Apple services are coming to Windows. iCloud, the online storage service from Apple will find its place in the Photos application. To access it, you just have to install the iCloud application for Windows from the Microsoft Store.

iCloud arrive dans l’application Photos Windows

It was a promise at the launch of Windows 11, it is now a reality. The Amazon App Store is now available on the Microsoft Store, allowing access to more than 50,000 Android applications from Windows.

L’Amazon Appstore arrive sur Windows

How to update ?

To do the update, nothing could be simpler, access the settings by typing « Settings » from the Start menu. Then go to the « Windows Update » tab to update your OS.

What do you think of the new features introduced? Will you use them? Tell us in comments.

Source : Microsoft

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