Spotify unveils a new homepage halfway between TikTok and Instagram🎧✨

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Since its launch in 2008, Spotify, the streaming application that revolutionized the music industry, has continued to evolve. It’s no longer just a music player that lets you listen to all the music in the world. It also houses podcasts and audiobooks. To tidy up its application, but also to enhance the discovery of new content, Spotify has introduced a new version of its homepage, reminiscent of some social networks.

Spotify pushes recommendations even further with dedicated feeds 🪄

Recommending new content has always been one of Spotify’s strengths, especially through automatically generated playlists like the Daily Mix. Last year Spotify introduced a new menu on its homepage, via the small « Music » and « Podcasts and Shows » buttons, which allows you to access a feed of your subscriptions, but also recommendations for both categories. At its Stream On conference, Spotify unveiled a new version of these feeds.

Tapping on « Music » or « Podcasts and Shows » will take you to two new vertical feeds, which will surely remind you of Instagram Stories or even TikTok.

The music feed features personalized recommendations for singles, albums or playlists. A list of mixes you might like will be available at the top of the feed. And for users in the U.S. and Canada, they will also find the recently introduced DJ feature. If animated previews of the music, the canvas, are available, they will be displayed.

Like the music feed, the podcasts and shows feed contains personalized recommendations for episodes and shows. This can be new or familiar content. Like music and canvas, previews are automatically generated to give you a taste. For podcasts, real-time transcripts are available, whether the sound is muted or not.

Then simply scroll through the different contents to discover all the recommendations. For each content, you can :

  • Save, download or share with a single tap : Simply tap the Plus (+) icon to save your recommendations to Your Episodes or Your Library. To download or queue, tap the three dots at the bottom of the preview.
  • Play from the beginning: Press Play to play a track, album, playlist or episode from the beginning. For podcasts, press « continue listening » to play the rest of the preview from the beginning.
  • Dive even deeper: Tap a recommendation to go to the playlist, album or single to explore other audio tracks.

This new version is being rolled out to all Spotify users, free or premium on Android and iOS. And don’t worry, if you’re not interested in these features and only want to listen to music, just skip these menus, which are actually just subpages of the homepage.

Other subtle changes in the app 😉

We all have playlists that we play at certain times. But as we listen to them over and over, they can become uninteresting. To make them even more interesting, Spotify is introducing a new feature called Smart Shuffle.

To activate it, press the « Random »🔀 button when you are in a playlist. Recommendations, identified by the symbol ✨, will then be added to your playlist. For a playlist of more than 15 songs, Spotify will add a new track every 3 songs. If you like a track, you can add it to your playlist. Otherwise, you can reject it with the button ➖. And if you ever want to disable the feature, just click the button 🔀 again from the playlist page.

If you have recently updated your Spotify app, you may have noticed that  the « Like » 💚 button has disappeared . The latter is replaced by a new « Plus » button ➕. It takes over the old functionality of the button 💚, namely Add to your list of favorite songs, but also allows you to add the song directly, not to one, but to several playlists simultaneously.

With these new features, Spotify wants to make it easier for fans to discover new content, but also to save time when browsing the interface. It remains to be seen whether the public will like it. What do you think? Tell us all about it in comments.

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