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WhatsApp: a newsletter system coming soon ? 🗞️

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To retain its users and attract more, WhatsApp has no choice but to constantly develop new features to provide a more complete and successful experience. Like many of its competitors in the instant messaging market, this means a lot of testing for future features.

Newsletters to compete with Telegram channels ⁉

As reported on WABetaInfo, a feature in test will allow users to receive newsletters directly on the application.

Little information is available so far about the feature, but it would be nothing less than a newsletter option that would be accessible in a brand new section of the app. Users would be able to receive a personalized newsletter from groups and other WhatsApp users.

The information of the people who create the newsletters, but also of those who subscribe to the newsletters, their names and phone numbers, will not be disclosed. This is an advantage over traditional newsletters that ask for your name and/or phone number or email address to send you a newsletter.

At first glance, the feature is an extension of the Communities feature introduced last November on WhatsApp, which allows to link several conversation groups together. WhatsApp’s goal with the newsletters could then be to encourage users to use the Communities. But it will mainly compete with the channels on Telegram that allow you to receive news directly on the app.

Update of 01/03 /2023

Early screenshots from the Beta release show a new design for the Status section. Status updates are displayed in a horizontal, similar to what is found on Instagram. This new layout frees up space for newsletters. The user will then be able to discover new newsletters by entering a username.

Source : WA Beta Info

Simplify transmission of general information🤔

If the company decides to pursue this project, it wouldn’t be very surprising. WhatsApp is as much a source of information as it is a simple messaging service, with users often forwarding messages and receiving them via group chats. Newsletters would make this whole information transmission process a little more seamless.

Meta has spent several years pivoting to privacy-oriented services, including with its communities that can link multiple discussion groups. This new feature would extend WhatsApp’s functionality without turning it into a Facebook-like social network.

We don’t know about you, but this feature would simply be a real bonus to enjoy more one of our favorite apps. So, what do you think about this next great feature? While waiting for its availability, stay tuned to be part of the chosen ones who will test this option and we’ll let you know when it will be rolled out globally.

Sources : WABetaInfo, TechCrunch

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