You can now exclude certain playlists from your Spotify recommendations 🎧

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If there’s one thing Spotify users love more than anything, it’s song suggestions and personalized playlists. But sometimes these suggestions don’t quite fit with our musical tastes, and Spotify wants to fix that.

What is a Spotify taste profile ? 🎧

Spotify users are familiar with playlists called Daily Mix. These are playlists that are algorithmically generated by Spotify every day. To generate them, Spotify relies on what they call the taste profile. This is Spotify’s interpretation of your musical taste based on what you listen to and how you listen to it. What kind of music you listen to, what styles you skip, and so on.

While the tatse profile offers impressive results in terms of recommendations, it is not without flaws either. Let’s take an example, you have a playlist with songs you only listen to when you work out or fall asleep. If a similar song is suggested in the middle of the day, chances are you’ll skip it. Similarly, if you have a playlist with music for your kids, chances are Spotify will suggest a nursery rhyme at the wrong time. Spotify is aware of this and is introducing a new feature to remove certain playlists from your taste profile.

How to exclude a playlist from your taste profile ? 🧐

The new « Exclude from your taste profile » feature will prevent selected playlists from being included in your sound profile, thus reducing the impact they have on your recommendations. Once the feature is enabled, Spotify will exclude past and future playlist listening from your sound profile. Activating the feature is simple:

  1. Select the playlist of your choice,
  2. Press the three dots at the top of the playlist,
  3. Select « Exclude from your taste profile ».

If you change your mind later, don’t panic. The feature can easily be disabled at any time using the same process.
This new feature is currently being rolled out to web, computer, Android and iOS apps. Remember to update your application.

Source : Spotify

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