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Slack wants to improve productivity at work with its AI and new tools #️⃣

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Looking for a summary of work discussions you might have missed or new features to better manage your group projects? Slack’s got you covered 😉.

Indeed, following the announcement of an all-new user interface, business messaging platform Slack is set to get some new features by 2024. The aim:

« taking a collaboration-first approach to delivering an intelligent productivity platform in the age of AI and automation », explains Desai Weiss, Chief Product Officer at Slack. 

Slack, shows us your AI 🤖

The first new feature that the professional messaging platform has in store for you is Slack AI. It’s natively integrated into Slack, easy to access, and according to Slack press releases, the integration of this artificial intelligence module into the platform will allow you to:

« to [make] people’s working lives simpler, more pleasant and more productive. »

Slack AI will offer you many possibilities. One of these is the production of channel recaps. With « Channel Recaps », you’ll be able to access key information from a chat channel, allowing you to focus on what’s most relevant and important. What’s more, you’ll be able to create reports and feedback on project channels, extract key points from a channel, etc.

But that’s not all. With « Thread Summaries », you can quickly summarize the content of a long discussion, whatever the topic. Finally, with « Search Answers », you’ll be able to ask questions directly via search in Slack and get written results, files and the most relevant channels, all while sharing an AI-generated summary.

Slack has made it clear that no customer data will be sent to third parties at the same time. Slack AI will be tested from the end of this year, before being rolled out to all users in 2024.

New automation possibilities 🪄

In addition to Slack AI, a number of practical new features have been announced. These include Workflow Builder, which will be available by the end of September. This version offers several new possibilities in terms of automation. These include increased productivity, fewer errors, better collaboration and more time for strategic tasks.

As a result, with the roll-out of this new Workflow Builder, anyone will be able to automate without having to code. It will also be possible to integrate several tools (e.g. Atlassian, ClickUp…) into a single workflow.

We can’t finish without mentioning the creation and deployment of custom applications hosted in Slack, which take care of hosting and guarantee data security.

Slack goes one step further and deploys Lists📝

Yes, new elements will enable users to track, manage and sort tasks while remaining in the communication flow. This means they won’t miss a single step in the processes they’re involved in. How? With lists 😊

Lists are nothing more or less than a way of staying informed about a task without leaving the conversation flow. They will be tested shortly, with deployment scheduled for 2024.

Thanks to the lists, you’ll be able to :

  • Keep track of projects : whether marketing campaigns or new product development, and collaborate within a dedicated channel, assigning responsibility, updating status or discussing tasks.
  • Manage projects more easily : monitoring project progress will no longer be a problem. Users in the lists will receive notifications of any further activity on the application.
  • Review requests and approvals : thanks to Workflow Builder, as requests come in, users can assign them, discuss them with requesters, or close them once they have been completed.

So what do you think of this flurry of announcements from Slack?

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