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Canva takes the Creativity crown with Magic Studio 🪄

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To mark its 10th anniversary, Canva launches Magic Studio, the world’s most complete AI design platform. Its ambition: to further democratize design, stimulate creativity, increase productivity and drive brands forward. This suite of AI tools can generate compelling content, accelerate the creative process and allow you to master design like an expert, and much more!

Canva’s Magic Studio is all about Innovation and AI 🤖

In a press release, Canva announces the launch of Magic Studio: a suite of AI-powered graphic design tools accessible directly on the platform. Magic Studio follows several innovations unveiled by Canva over the past 12 months that are among the many assets that have motivated more than 100 million users to get started and use Canva. These AI-powered creative tools, designed for both professional and personal use, are intended to make the latter « more efficient and streamlined », according to Canva, by eliminating complex or repetitive tasks.

The aim is to assist users « at every stage of [their] creative process ». Several features, such as Magical Writing or Magical Design, can be used free of charge simply by having an account, while others are reserved exclusively for subscribers to paid packages. So are you Freemium or Premium?😏

But that’s not all! Beyond their fun aspect, each Magic Studio product has been developed to solve real-world problems: generating eye-catching content, speeding up the initial design phase or automating tasks, warns Canva in a blog post.

What are the tools in Magic Studio ?

To open up « new creative horizons » for its users, Magic Studio brings together a series of AI-powered tools such as :

  • Magic Switch :The industry’s first offering to instantly convert designs into a range of formats, with just one click. Turn a presentation into an executive summary, or create a blog post from a whiteboard of ideas, and translate it into different languages.

  • Magic Media (text-to-image and text-to-video conversion functions) : Turn text into eye-catching photos and, with the latest update, explore a wide range of new styling options for all kinds of results. You can also create compelling videos from image or text using Gen-2, Runway’s AI-based video generation tool (a video editing software that uses artificial intelligence to facilitate and enhance video creation).
  • Magic Design : Transform a prompt or your own media into captivating, fully developed videos, presentations or more. Speed up the creative process simply by capturing your idea, selecting color combinations, and watch complete designs come to life, ready to be shared or customized as you wish.
  • Brand Voice : Canva’s Magic Write wizard has been enhanced to include brand tone. It’s easier to write any project or document with your brand tone. Simply add instructions to your Brand Kit to generate customized content every time.
  • Magic Morph : Turn your ordinary project into an extraordinary design by instantly transforming words and shapes into new colors, textures, patterns and styles with a simple prompt.
  • Magic Grab : A whole new way to re-imagine your images. Magic Grab can select and isolate any element in your photo so you can modify, reposition or resize it.
  • Magic Expand : Perfect photos after you’ve taken them. Magic Expand can record enlarged images, or transform a vertical shot into a horizontal one by recovering everything outside the frame.
  • Apps Marketplace de Canva :Canva’s Apps Marketplace brings together the best AI-based design and productivity tools on the market in one place; leading AI apps have recently been added, including Dall-E, Imagen by Google Cloud, MurfAI, Soundraw and more.

In its Q&A, Canva states that content generated through these features can be used for personal or commercial projects, « including AI-generated text and images », as long as the platform’s terms of use are respected.

Canva’s little extras 🎁

In addition to Magic Studio, Canva has announced a series of features designed to help attract even more users. We have 2 key announcements such as :

  • Canva Shield

This is a set of security, privacy and safety controls designed to prevent its AI from being used to create dangerous or inappropriate content. Canva Shield includes free AI indemnification for Canva business customers, and gives team administrators full control over how Magic Studio products are activated and used in the work environment.

  • Creators’ remuneration program

Canva has announced a three-year, $200 million compensation program for creators who consent to their content being used to train the company’s AI models. Participating creators will receive an initial bonus, followed by monthly payments based on several factors, including the level of contribution to Canva’s content library and the number of uses of their content.

As Canva enters its second decade, the Company continues to focus on democratizing design for all. Following successful productivity-enhancing deployments, Canva has established itself as the visual communication tool of choice. Now with more AI-based design tools, Canva’s all-in-one platform opens up whole new horizons of creativity. So get started.

Sources : Canva, 01Net

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