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WhatsApp has a handy new way to transfer conversation history 🔀

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Switching from an old smartphone to a new one is not always an easy task, and the question of data migration is essential. While syncing with the cloud makes things easier, it can be a little more complex with apps such as WhatsApp. However, things are about to change on Meta’s messaging platform.

You can now transfer your data without using the cloud🌨️

Until now, to transfer WhatsApp conversation history from one smartphone to another, you had to go through the cloud: Google Drive on Android and iCloud on iOS. This process was far from straightforward, as the data first had to be backed up to the cloud before being repatriated to the new smartphone. What’s more, the reliability of this method depended on two important factors: the storage space available on your cloud and the quality of your Internet connection.

WhatsApp has been working on a new transfer method that does away with these two factors, and we were given a demonstration via Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook account.

As you can see in the video above, all you have to do is scan a QR Code on the new phone from the old one, and the transfer takes place. Magical, isn’t it? For the transfer to take place, both smartphones need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and the transfer is totally secure. However, it is not currently possible to transfer data between two different operating systems. So you won’t be able to transfer data from an iPhone to an Android smartphone in this way.

If you want to use this new transfer method, go to Settings, then Discussions, and select Transfer discussions.

Sources : Mark Zuckerberg, 01Net

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