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Bad news for Oppo users: the manufacturer is leaving France 😱

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Less than a year after shutting down its operations in Germany, Chinese manufacturer Oppo has decided to leave the French market too. The decision follows the closure of Yang Technology, the brand’s exclusive distributor in the country. As a result, OPPO smartphones are no longer available for sale in France.

Nokia’s imprint on Oppo’s destiny in Europe👨🏾‍⚖️

As was the case in Germany, this is the result of legal action brought by Nokia, the Finnish telecommunications giant (not to be confused with the Nokia brand of phones, owned by another company, HMD Global). Nokia owns a number of key patents in the field of cellular connections, and is accusing OPPO of failing to acquire the necessary licences to exploit these technologies. Following this complaint and the court ruling in Germany, OPPO and OnePlus (Oppo’s sister brand) opted to cease trading.

As for the situation in France, where Nokia also filed a similar complaint, the circumstances are different: the Paris Court of Justice sided with OPPO. The court ruled that Nokia’s two patents were invalid for lack of novelty. Nevertheless, the French distributor has chosen to cease trading.

Don’t panic, you can continue to use your products

If you’re an Oppo user, don’t panic, this decision won’t have any impact on you. Given that OPPO was the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in France last year, behind Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi, with a market share of around 4%, it’s clear that customers wouldn’t be left to fend for themselves.

While new products will no longer be available for sale, existing customers will still have access to customer service provided directly by Oppo. What’s more, smartphones will continue to receive future operating system updates. Perhaps this marks the start of Oppo marketing its smartphones directly in France in the future. Stay tuned.4

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