Microsoft announces Copilot, your AI assistant on Windows

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Microsoft recently held a conference to unveil new features coming to Windows. In addition to new features for existing applications, Microsoft presented its new AI assistant for Windows, named Copilot.

Do more with Windows using Copilot

Since the beginning of the year, Microsoft has placed artificial intelligence at the heart of its strategy. As a strategic partner of OpenAI, the Redmond-based company integrates generative AI into virtually all its products. After Bing and the Office suite, it’s now the turn of Windows to benefit, with Copilot.
Copilot is based on Bing, and thus on GPT-4, the ChatGPT engine. By using the key combination Windows + C, or even just your voice, a side panel will open, allowing you to use the practical features introduced with Bing. You’ll be able to summarize texts, perform more precise web searches, generate images, ask for explanations on a variety of subjects, and so on.
But Copilot’s real strength lies in its integration within Windows. Thanks to Copilot, you can act directly on Windows. You’ll be able to switch to night mode, organize the windows on your screen, or even ask for Spotify playlists to be launched according to your mood. Taking a screenshot and need to remove the background? No problem, just ask Copilot to do it for you.
To sum up,Copilot, as its name suggests, is your co-pilot within Windows, helping you to achieve more in less time.

Copilot will be available in a future update, which will include other interesting new features.

Create, edit and organize your photos more easily 潘

For its next update, version 23H2, Microsoft has gone all out. Several of the applications supplied with the system will receive new functionalities.
The famous Paint application incorporates a feature familiar to Photoshop users: Layers Under this name lies the ability to divide an image into several superimposable overlays. But that’s not all. Thanks to AI, you can, for example, generate content for your new overlays, creating Paint-based compositions.

穢 Paint

We can’t talk about Paint without mentioning the Photos application. Like its sister, it also benefits from AI to add an almost magical background blur to photos. The Photos application also improves its search function, particularly for photos stored in OneDrive accounts. You can now quickly find a photo based on its content or where it was taken.

穢 Microsoft

Finally, the Snipping Tool lets you extract specific text from an image and paste it into another application. You can also protect your sensitive information by writing text in the screenshot preview. In addition, with audio and microphone support, it’s easier to create videos and content by recording your screen.

Productivity remains at the core of Windows

When you install the new Windows 11 Update, you’ll discover a new File Explorer. The file explorer’s home page, address bar and search field have been modernized to make it easier to access important, relevant content, keep you informed of file activity and collaborate without having to open a file. File Explorer has also been enriched with a new 竄Gallery罈 feature designed to facilitate access to your photo collection.

穢 Microsoft

Notepad now automatically saves your session status. So you can close Notepad, reopen it and pick up where you left off. Notepad automatically restores previously opened tabs, as well as any unsaved content and modifications to these tabs.
Outlook for Windows also benefits from a more modern design. You’ll now be able to connect and coordinate your various accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, etc.) thanks to AI, which will help you write clear, concise e-mails.
Finally, Microsoft introduces a new feature called Windows Backup. Thanks to this new feature, you can easily switch to a new PC running Windows 11. Windows Backup ensures a seamless transition of most files, applications and settings from one PC to another, so everything is in the same place where you left it.

穢 Microsoft

All these new features and more will be available in Windows 11 version 23H2. Deployment of this Windows 11 update will begin on September 26. Keep an eye on the Update Center from that date.

Source : Microsoft

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