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Quick Share becomes the default sharing solution on Android 🛜

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A few weeks ago, in a Ask Griots (which you can read by clicking here), we told you about solutions for sharing files between two smartphones. A major change is coming to Android with the merger of « Nearby Share » and « Quick Share ».

Samsung and Google join forces to offer Android’s default sharing solution 💞

iPhone users are accustomed to using AirDrop to share files with each other. It’s quicker and easier than sharing via Bluetooth, for example. However, few Galaxy smartphone users are aware of « Quick Share », and even fewer of « Nearby Share ». Although these two solutions have coexisted on Galaxy smartphones until now, they will now be merged into a single file-sharing solution: Quick Share.

This isn’t the first time the two companies have collaborated on a joint service. In 2021, Samsung abandoned its Tizen watch system to collaborate with Google to create a new version of Wear OS. This time, the collaboration gives rise to the new default file-sharing system for the Android ecosystem. That’s right! Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones won’t be the only ones to benefit. Over the next few weeks, all users of Android smartphones with version 14 will receive an update transforming « Nearby Share » into « Quick Share ».

How do I share files with Quick Share?🛜

Quick Share makes it easy to share files with nearby Android devices, regardless of brand. A new option will be added to configure Quick Share, similar to the Nearby Share function. Quick Share should also be available later this year on Windows PCs.

Once you’ve defined your visibility settings, you’ll be able to send files to other smartphones nearby, including your own devices. Note that these will be directly accessible from the sharing menu, simplifying the process and enabling you to quickly share files on your other devices, while saving a few clicks. For more details, take a look at the video below.

Did you know about these sharing solutions? What do you think of this initiative?


Source : Google

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